30th March 2010

Bengal Belle Talk

Please check back soon as this is website that will contain all things in the sports world as it pertains to LSU Sports from a woman’s point of view.

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27th March 2010

LSU Spring Football Game

LSU Football National Championship Flags

Written By: Tracey Wilson

The LSU Football Team held their annual Spring Game on March 27, 2010 and ESPN was there to showcase the Tigers! Jordan Jefferson was not sharp and showed little progress from what I could tell. The brilliance we saw in the Chick-Fil-A bowl in 2008 has not been seen since. He seems timid and not sure of himself. Garrett Lee looked comfortable passing the ball, although he did throw an interception for a pick 6. The offensive line opened up holes that were missing last year and Steven Ridley and Michael Ford ran with authority. Ruben Randell, Russell Sheppard, and Terrance Tolliver all had a good day. Russell Sheppard also played running back and lined up in the Wild Tiger Formation. He is a special player and he shows it every time he touches the ball.

The speed of the defense was like white lightening. It will take a real game to know if what we saw was real, but I was very impressed.Kevin Minter played on both teams and had fourteen tackles. He was all over the field. Kelvin Sheppard did not play due to previous shoulder injury.

There were some minor injuries, but nothing to serious.

All in all the Tigers put on a vanilla show that gave us a glimpse of what is to come in the fall. We have few months until football season starts, but it will pass fast and then we will getting our tailgate menus ready and our outfits planned for the first game. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

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27th March 2010

Women’s Basketball Team at Coyote Blue

I arrived in Baton Rouge on March 26, 2010 and myself and my mother, Marilyn Duncan Rye, met my son, Taylor Wilson, at Coyote Blue for dinner. We were seated and at the time there was a group of girls sitting not far from us, laughing, talking and having fun. I noticed them and asked my mom if she thought that it was the LSU Women’s Basketball Team? She looked over and said yes it was, about that time that Allison Hightower walked in. All the girls at the table started clapping and cheering. They were taking pictures and I asked them if they wanted me to take a table shot of all of them and I did take the picture for them. Afterwards I approached Allison Hightower and told her how much I have enjoyed watching her play over the last four years. I hope that she will do well in her future endeavors, which will be the WNBA. She is a great player and she will be remember fondly by this blogger.

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