23rd April 2010

LSU Players Not Living Up to the Hype


In an article written by Kent Babb for KansasCity.com, Mr. Babb writes that for the past four seasons LSU Football players have not lived up to their expectations of where they were drafted in the NFL. Well, I would like to let Mr. Babb know that he might like to dig a little deeper and find out what is going on not at LSU, but with the teams that these players have been drafted to. Starting with JaMarcuss Russell, now with the Oakland Raiders, the name says it all. They have a crazy owner, a head coach who has some previous domestic issues and the coach before him, Lane Kiffin, big mouth and no results to speak of on any level as a head coach. When you have that combination why would anyone want to play and get the crap beat out of you. Russell has talent, he needs the right coach and motivator.

As for Glenn Dorsey, with the Kansas City Chiefs, the team has done nothing in how long? One player does not make a team. If the folks in Kansas City thought that Glenn Dorsey would walk through the door and change that team, then you need to quit drinking the KoolAid and get in the real world. Tyson Jackson, now with Chiefs, I guess you might say the same thing. Here we have a team that in 2008 that went 2 – 14 and in 2009 went 4 – 12. So could it be that the coaches are the problem with winning and motivation. So let me see if I understand Mr. Babb – It is Glenn Dorsey’s and Tyson Jackson’s fault that the Chiefs are not winning and that these two are supposed to carry a team that in the last two years could only muster 6 wins out of 32 games? Who is he kidding?

If all that Mr. Babb wants to do is rant about how someone has not lived up to expectations I would say take a look at the owners, coaches and management and you will probably find the answer to many of the questions you seek. These people are paid high salaries and have not lived up to the expectations that the fans have for the chiefs. Believe me I know I have been a New Orleans Saints fan for 39 years and finally they made it to the big dance and won. Who Dat?! But to get there it took a lot of work, patience, perseverance and MOTIVATION.

When a player or coach comes into a situation that is not and has not been good those folks have to reach deep inside themselves and look for what motivates a person to want to achieve to highest level, money is only the “carrot” it is what gets you to the door. It is up to the Coach and his staff to find the right switch to to flip to motivate young men in the NFL. I would say that the coaches from the Raiders and Chiefs do not have a clue what I am talking about.

If you look at Glenn Dorsey in his Senior season at LSU this was a young man highly motivated to win a National Championship and be the best he could be. Why? He wanted to be in the NFL and make his mark like many before him. Why has that not happened? Motivation in a word. I submit that being on a team that is going no where must be hard to find the motivation that will push you to  the next level. If you want to criticize then Mr. Babb I suggest that you put yourself on the field with a team that is going no where and with coaches who do not have clue how to motivate their players. Then rewrite this article from that stand point.

Another point that Mr. Babb tries to make is that because Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson come from “poverty ridden Louisiana” and that the money is all these young men wanted. He goes on to describe how Tyson Jackson’s mother worked in a school cafeteria and that Glenn Dorsey’s father cleaned out oil drums, where I come from hard work does not mean anything bad. A great many of the African – American NFL players come from simple backgrounds and yes it is a means to an end. These young men put their bodies on the line to play a sport and get beat up for more than 16 weeks out of a year. I think that if we the fans did not use football as our religion then maybe we would not be having this discussion. I think that Mr. Babb should think hard and long the next time he wants to blame LSU, Louisiana High Schools, and these young men for not living up the hype. Remember that these young men have families and that one day you might have a child that plays in a sport and gets publicly criticized because he or she did not live up to the hype. Then pull this article out ant reread it. Mr Babb you need a lesson in civility.

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23rd April 2010

LSU vs Florida “Baseball ‘N Bugs” View In Sunday May 2nd

LSU v Florida “Baseball ‘N Bugs”

View In Sunday May 2nd

Boudreaux’s Cajun Market and Cafe in Duluth is usually closed on Sundays but will open especially for LSU baseball fans next Sunday, May 2nd to host a special “Baseball ‘N Bugs” View in Party with discount price for boiled crawfish – only $4 per pound, a 33% discount from the regular price.  

Here’s the details, and please note you need to email RSVP by next Tuesday how much crawfish you want to ensure your order.

  • Restaurant opens for LSU fans at Noon. The LSU- Florida baseball game will be shown with first pitch at 1 pm.
  • From 1-3 the restaurant will serve boiled crawfish, corn and potatoes
  • Regular menu items will also be available to provide other choices
  • Bring your own cooler with your favorite beverage if you desire – Boudreaux’s does not see beer
  • LSU Atlanta will give away some door prizes – including a cool LSU Baseball 2010 Poster personally given to us by Coach Paul Mainieri
  • Boudreaux’s is at 3067 Main St. in downtown Duluth, Phone 770-814-8388.  Visit Website Here


Email LSU Atlanta board member  Christine Daigle at cdaigle_59@bellsouth.net by TUESDAY EVENING to RSVP.  Give your name and the number of pounds of crawfish you want @ only $4 per pound.  You may also order corn and potatoes with your crawfish for only $2 per person.

There may be some extra crawfish available for walk ins, but please understand that only advance orders can be guaranteed.

Thanks to Paul Many at Boudreaux’s – a HUGE LSU fan – for offering to host this activity.

The following information was taken from www.lsuatlanta.com

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