24th August 2010

I have recently moved from Atlanta, GA home to Baton Rouge, LA. I wanted so much to leave Baton Rouge when I was younger, and I did. Since then I have lived all over the country: Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Texas and Georgia again. After all of that I am so glad to be home. I find that people are so nice, standing in a line in the grocery store you can easily start up a conversation with a stranger. It is such a nice feeling being home. It got me thinking about all the kids that have left home to start college classes this week, some have come from far away and others from Baton Rouge to get an education, make friends, join a sorority or fraternity, play sports, or get away from home and grow up. However, you look at it makes for a great start to the fall and the knowleged that our young men and women, who were only toddlers a few years ago, are marching into a new chapter of thier lives.

When my son left for LSU last fall (2009), my husband and I became what is known as “empty nesters.” It was fun having time to do the things we had’t been able to do for so long, like go out to eat or to a movie in the middle of week. What we missed was seeing our children (we have three) playing sports, seeing their friends and mingling with their parents. It seems when that your child graduates and you have no younger ones and those folks still have children, you get left out of that crowd. So we had to make adjustments. Adjustments, yes, but think of the adjustments our children are making: Making themselves get up and go to class, doing their homework, being able to say no to going out and yes to studying, it’s a major adjustment, because we are not there to tell them what to do and when to do it. So are asking yourself what does this have to do with Sports at LSU?

The answer is simple, think about those young men and woman who are here on campus and starting classes, buying books, trying to find classes, and working out for their sports! These young men and women do get help and most likely more than the average student, but a lot of them have come from many states and sometimes countries away to play sports for Tiger Nation. So when things do not go the way we plan (winning games, making the right plays, etc.), try to show that we are proud to have them on campus and thank them for leaving their homes and families to join us here to show us their talents. DO NOT EVER BOO AN ATHLETE!!! WE ARE THE ADULTS AND THEY ARE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN TRYING TO GET AN EDUCATION FIRST AND PLAY SPORTS, SECOND, FOR LSU, THAT SHOULD COUNT FOR SOMETHING!!!

I am happy to be home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!!!

Geaux Tigers!!!!

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