13th May 2010

Rumor – ESPN Trying to Start Trouble Again

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LSU Head Football Coach Les Miles

John Gruden by Lorenzo Bevilaqual/ESPN

What is wrong with ESPN? All they do is stir the pot and without any proof of what they say. Let me see in 2007 at the SEC Championship game they reported that Les Miles was leaving LSU for his alma mater University of Michigan. I think that Coach Miles ended that rumor with “HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!” Now ESPN is back in the rumor saddle again where LSU is concerned, they are saying that LSU is targeting John Gruden to be the next head coach for the Tigers. Did I miss something and Coach Miles is no longer the coach? Since ESPN is so credible in their reporting you would think that this would be a great story to be on their show College Football Live or on the College Football webpage. It is if only your pay money to see the content. If ESPN wants to have a story then they need to publish it and be big enough to stand behind it.

John Gruden also signed a multiple year contract with ESPN’s Monday Night Football to continue as an analyst. Yes, he could leave, but he turned down the Notre Dame job this year. Even though he is from the area and would be a great college coach, he decided that maybe being an analyst was a better gig. No headaches, no baby sitting, no working yourself to death and yet he still gets to be a part of football.

I hope that LSU, Les Miles, and John Gruden come out and put these rumors to bed. And to ESPN – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! When you have concrete proof then let College Football Nation know, until then shut your mouth and report only what can be proven in fact.

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