25th April 2010


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Tim Tebow - A Denver Bronco Photo by Ed Andrieski/AP Photo

The NFL Draft was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with many players being drafted and going to various teams across the country. It seems that these young men will offered a lot of money on the speculation that they will preform and make their prospective teams better and help them to win. Well, here is the true of the matter, that usually is not the case, these young men albeit are great athletes and want to play at the next level, but of this class of 2010 most likely half will not be in the league 5 years down the road due to injury, poor workout habits, getting into trouble, and poor coaching. What does this say about the NFL? It says that drafting a player in the first round is first, going to cost them millions of dollars and it is a crap shoot at best. Let’s look a Tim Tebow, for an example. This young man did everything asked of him by the University of Florida, he is a upstanding citizen and a great person, and he is winner, but does that make him an NFL Quarterback? In my book no. I watched this young man for four years and in those four years he never went under center except for one time in 2009 against LSU to try and draw the Tigers offsides. (It did not work). The NFL quarterback plays under center almost all of the time and must be fast. Look at Drew Brees, Payton Manning, and Eli Manning. For all the greatness of Tim Tebow, he is slow and larthargic in the QB position. To me I think that his size works against him in the way he moves in the backfield. He seems to be lumbering, instead of flowing. I liken the QB position to that of a ballerina dancer. Flowing and making the job look effortless, Tim Tebow does not look like that in the way he throws the ball. He has great heart, great character, and is a great leader, but I do not see this young man being what he was in college in the NFL. The defenses will plant him in the ground, because of the slowness. He will be ¬†work in progress and who knows maybe he will prove me wrong, but I have to say that I think in this instance that Denver will regret taking a him in the first round and shelling out millions of dollars on a crap shoot. Good Luck to them and to Tim Tebow.

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